Mr & Ms NORSU Bayawan

Mr & Ms NORSU Bayawan

Exotika Kultura

Launching & Presscon Nov 13, 2019, 10:00am University Gymnasium

Pre-Pageant Night Nov 14, 2019, 7:30pm University Gymnasium

Coronation Night Nov 15, 2019, 7:30pm University Gymnasium

Journey Towards Self-discovery (A Peer Facilitator’s Journey)

November 5, 2019

NORSU Bayawan CARE just recently conducted a seminar that helped CARE Peer Group equipped with experiential activities and techniques in order to assist them towards self-expression and deepen their self-discovery. In a way, the experience enlightened them about the need to introspect their individualities in relation to other people’s perceptions of them. These are pre-requisites in becoming an effective and efficient helper as well as in becoming the flag bearers of promoting and implementing the basic services of the CARE Center.

– Counseling. Assessment. Resources. Enhancement.

Seminar-Workshop on Publication

Research is one of the four-fold functions and mandates of state universities like Negros Oriental State University (NOrSU). Based on historical records in NOrSU Bayawan – Sta. Catalina Campus (BSC), there are only a handful of faculty members who have publications in refereed and CHEd-recognized journals. Cognizant of this fact, the Campus Research Office organized a Seminar-Workshop on Writing a Publishable Paper in Peer-Reviewed Journals with Dr. Enrique G. Oracion (Director of Research and Development Center, Silliman University) as lecturer-facilitator. This activity was held at NOrSU BSC Accreditation Room on October 30 and 31, 2019.

Specifically, the aforementioned seminar-workshop aims to provide participants with necessary knowledge about research publication, discuss the parts of a publishable paper (both qualitative and quantitative research), enhance the skills of participants in terms of writing publishable papers, and prepare publishable papers for submission to reputable journals.

The seminar-workshop proceeded with the lecture of Dr. Oracaion which was followed by a workshop wherein participants improved there publishable papers based on the inputs of the lecturer. The participants then presented their papers for comments and further refinement.

The participants in this seminar-workshop were the following: Dr. Albert Albina (Campus Director for Research), Dr. Liza Caballero (Asst. Campus Administrator for Academic Affairs), Dr. Arnel Yurfo (Dean of CAS), Dr. Lucille Himpayan (Asst. Dean of CEd), Ma. Mila Belsondra (CEd faculty member), Leyva Mae Gajardo (CEd faculty member), John Moses Azuelo (CEd faculty member), Ann Beverly Verbosidad (CEd faculty member), Dr. Donato Gabay (CAF faculty member), Engr. Agustin Rote (CAF faculty member), Mayuan Calijan (Dean of CBA), Allan Ege (CCJE faculty member), Engr. Theresa Cathrine Tubil (Dean of CIT), Engr. Rogeljo Cordero (Asst. Dean of CIT), Christopher Barientos (CIT faculty member), Dr. Flordeliza Barron (CAS faculty member), Jesus Sumadia (CAS faculty member), Lilian Sumagaysay (CAS faculty member), Romnick Macapobre (CAS faculty member), and James Balasabas (Research Office Asst. Clerk).

-Campus Research Office, NOrSU Bayawan

CBA for Sustainability

CBA for Sustainability

CBA For Sustainability: Promoting A Culture of

We all want to have a better future, and for it to become a reality, one must set up goals and start becoming responsible today. Various approaches have been introduced to achieve such aim. One of those approaches being suggested is to develop a sustainable environment. Why is sustainability very important? It is very important because this focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future. Revolving around its three pillars, the profit, people and planet, sustainability encourages individuals to frame decisions that will connect the present and the future. Today, this has been practiced by individuals and is used by different organizations as their ultimate goal.

The College of Business Administration of Negros Oriental State University, Bayawan-Sta. Catalina Campus is one of those who aspire to achieve sustainability. For it to be possible, the College aims to create a culture that enables everybody to be self-aware. To kick off the College’s journey towards sustainability, they held a one day program last October 17, 2019, entitled, “CBA for Sustainability: Promoting a Culture of Mindfulness.” This was held at the NORSU gymnasium. The participants of the event were the students of the different courses

offered by the College of Business Administration, which are the Bachelor of Science in Office Administration / Bachelor of Science in Office System Management, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management and the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration students. The program was divided into two parts; Seminar/Workshop in the morning and Skills Competition in the afternoon.

In the morning, the College has invited speakers who shared their ideas and expertise towards a certain topic. Ms. Irel F. Manansala, a city tourism officer, talked about her experience through traveling to different tourist destinations here and abroad, also shared the importance of tourism in our country. She also shared that Bayawan aims to become one of those cities that will draw tourists through Agri-tourism. She showed the different projects of Bayawan in the future that will help in attracting tourists in the City. Sir Kenneth Artes on the other hand, OIC -City Agriculture talked about the importance of helping out the entrepreneurs in the rural area. He then introduced the Rural Improvement Club (RIC), which is the primary organization that helps in developing and marketing the products coming from the individuals located in the rural area. The last speaker of the event was Ms. Lolalyn D. Fortin, which is the Human Resource Officer of Dep.Ed. Bayawan City Division shared her thoughts on the difference between sympathy and empathy. Sympathy is when you feel sorry for someone, while empathy is simply sympathy in action. She also talked about why an individual needs to be mindful. She also shared her life story on how she worked hard to achieve ‘success,’ that nothing is given for free, and a dream doesn’t become a reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

After the seminar, the different courses went to their designated venues to start the Skill Competition. The BSOA/BSOSM was assigned to the CBA Junction, while BSHM remains in the NORSU gym, and the BSBA was assigned to be at the NORSU AVR. All programs simultaneously conducted their prepared activities. BSOA/BOSM had a Steno Transcribe through typing and a typing master competition. BSHM students competed for various competitions, such as cooking competitions on two courses, desserts, and main courses. They also had a fruit carving and table skirting competition. The BSBA students conducted a Business Idea Contest and a Collage contest that focuses on how they see sustainability. Each course invited experts related to their fields to judge the different competitions. After all the contest is over, the students went back to the NORSU gymnasium for the awarding of winners.

The event may have ended that day, but it was just the start of something positive to look up to ahead. It was a very fruitful day not just for the College of Business Administration but for the whole NORSU Bayawan-Sta. Catalina Campus, because this pushes us a step forward towards sustainability. The information and lessons that we’ve gained throughout the seminar will be a tool for us that we can use today and in the future, and the opportunity given to us to showcase

our talents and skills during the competition boosts our confidence. Remember, this is just the start of our journey towards sustainability, today we might not feel its impact, but in the future, we will be thankful that we are part of this journey.

By: Christian Carbelle Carbo, BSBA IV